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Tractor pictures, reviews, debates, and data!

Tractor time is a blog that focuses on the wonderful things about tractors and helping young farmers like me learn about tractors!

Latest Posts

Massey Ferguson 1500 Series

Ranging from 148 Horsepower to 185 with two tractors in the collection with the 1500 and the 1505. Built through: 1971 to 1976. There is no equivalent series as Massey Ferguson does not currently make a series with this small of a horsepower range.

Farmall Super Series

With a range of 16 PTO horsepower to 44 horsepower this series was the last series with letters only made by Farmall as the next series created after the Super tractors is the 100 series. To start of we have the Farmall Super A with 16 PTO hp, next we have the Super C with…

J.I. CASE 30 Comfort King Series

With the smallest tractor of this series having 34 PTO hp and the biggest having 101 PTO horsepower this series came with the option of cab or open station from the factory. The 430 Comfort King is the smallest of the series with horsepower, next in line is the 530 Comfort King with 41 PTO…

John Deere 4000 Series

With a range of 84 to 135 horsepower and the second smallest tractor of the series being one of world’s most popular tractors of all time this series was only available with two wheel drive but had the option of having a roll bar, canopy, cab, or open station. The first tractor of the series…


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